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I Want a Marriage of Greatness.

Bestselling Authors

Restore the flow of love in your marriage. And bring back the Fun!

Evan & Susan's #1 Bestseller is a short, fun read that breaks through all the noise and gets you back on track.

It will give you clarity on the sticking points in your marriage and allow you to release, once and for all, the things that are holding you back from true happiness. 

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Marriage Video Courses

The best sex of your life awaits! It took us 20 years and hundreds of hurdles to have a thriving marriage of greatness, all while homeschooling our kids and building successful businesses.

Now we can show you how to avoid massive pain and give you the best of our real life experiences, so you can fast forward your success!

You get Lifetime Access to our digital courses that will give you ALL THE  tools you will ever need to INSTANTLY restore the flow of love and sustain marital bliss.

Live Events/Retreats

Lock arms with like minded couples in a safe, growth minded environment. Join the select few who are committed to a Marriage of Greatness.

Make life long friendships with other like minded couples in a one of kind supportive community. 



Success in Your Marriage, Business & Family Awaits!

Instant Marriage Makeover

Remember when your spouse was fun to be around? It can be that way again. Imagine having the best sex of your life and having it more often. You are one click away to a thriving marriage with the Instant Marriage Makeover video course.

Marriage Mastery

First you experienced the Makeover, now your are ready to complete your training with Marriage Mastery!

The foundation has been laid with your Instant Marriage Make Over and now it's time to rise up and build an unshakable marriage with this advanced video course.

Happily Ever After Live

Choose success in your business without sacrificing your marriage. Connect in person with Evan & Susan, while locking arms with like minded fellow entrepreneur couples in a safe, growth minded environment. Join the select few who are choosing a Marriage of Greatness.

Marriage Retreats Around The World

Want to host a Happily Ever After event in your state or country? We're accepting applications.

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"Listening to Evan & Susan has been life changing. I'm more intentional with my time, money, kids and most importantly my wife. Life is short! Mine is better thanks to Evan & Susan."

Bryan E. Miller
Award Winning Film Composer

"Evan and Susan’s love and respect for each other has inspired me through some of the most difficult times in my life. They truly are the real deal and understand what it takes to build a passionate loving marriage that lasts!"

Nicole Jansen
Leaders of Transformation Pod Cast Host

Evan and Susan remarry in a different state or country every year.

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